Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh how I love you...

You are a blessing from God and I do thank Him all the days of my life.


Nicole Mc said...

Hey there, I'm also a new photog, and stay at home mom. I found your link fromt the comments on the My Life, Unscripted blog. I'm also always wanting to find other photographers. My husband isn't very fun to talk shop with!!! LOL He tries. Where are you located? My email is

I'm in the Kansas city area. Your work is beautiful.

Michelle Jackson said...

Hi and thank you for your comment. It is great that you took time to post here. Thanks a bunch. Do you have a blog? I love photography but I am really just learning. And I do appreciate advice that anyone is willing to give me to improve my skills. I reside in Manchester, KY.
Thanks again